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Blackhawk! Good or bad?

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There is nothing wrong with the Serpa. I've had mine for years with ZERO issues and that's what all our team members carry on a daily basis, and these are full-time, not part-time teams so the wear and the abuse they receive is enough to make anything fail and they haven't.

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I have a CERPA holster and I love mine, I wear it everyday for the last 3 years and have had no issues. I do farm work, cut trees, ride ATV'S and horses, i've fallen and buried my gun and holster in mud, I wiped it off and checked the barrel and it worked flawlessly.


The only issue i've heard is, people will use there finger tip to release the lock and draw, which the death grip they put on it usually puts the finger on the trigger making the firearm discharge....


If you use the finger flat and draw which puts the finger flat along side of the firearm where it should be until you need to shoot.


Preaching to the quire... I know :wink:

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A lot of schools will not allow them. The main issue is that some people, as previously stated, use their finger tip to unlock the catch. When you do this, your finger tends to drop into the trigger guard. If you use your finger flat (like you are supposed to), it will ride along the frame above the trigger guard. I had enough faith in the Serpa that I gave mine to my grand daughter. The main issue I had with it was that it was a beotch to conceal. The mounting system pushes it out too far from the hip and makes for a bigger bulge. As a range or tactical holster, it is great. As a CCW holster (for which it was not designed) it sucks.

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The main issue I had with it was that it was a beotch to conceal. The mounting system pushes it out too far from the hip and makes for a bigger bulge. As a range or tactical holster, it is great. As a CCW holster (for which it was not designed) it sucks.


I noticed this also and agree, it is not a very concealable holster.

They do make the least expensive MOLLE attachment ($15) though.

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it is my daily CCW rig until the weather gets above 55 degrees and I have to wear a lighter over shirt then the fist IWB holster fills in. Over half the Cops in my department use the Blackhawks for plain clothes or CCW use. Given I am the only carrier of a true full size for off duty (most sport G19, or SIG 229) but still it works just match the wardrobe my friend.

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I am a LEO, I carry a Glock 21 in a Serpa level 3. I have never had a problem with the holster. That being said, I prefer a hard sided holster, it protects the weapon and sights fully, especially when rolling around with a suspect. Yes, my Glock is showing signs of holster wear on the slide, nothing cerakote cannot fix. That, my friends, is a small price to pay for knowing no matter what my weapon is secure on only acessable to me if the situtation warrants it's unholstering. To all the critics of the Serpa, I noticed a common denominator, you didn't qualify your opinion before giving it, as in what you do or the expierence you have had with the Serpa. There are many military and law enforcement individuals who like the Serpa and use it on a daily basis for really bad, real world situtations. I am not talking about casual use like strapping it on and going to the grocery store then complaining about something you don't like.....Let us know how you use your Serpa and how it has failed you. Thank you

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I use a lot of BlackHawk gear, including holsters. Some of my BH gear has seen use for many years. I don't have any issues with Blackhawk products and intend to continue to use them. With more than 35 years of training and experience in military, LE and private security, I have a pretty good idea what works. If your gear is reliable, durable and does its job, you stick with it. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Blackhawk products.


Some people have issues with BH because many of their products are not made in the US. Many are and more are being added to their product line.


Customer Service is top-notch. For example, recently the valve on my Blackhawk 100oz hydration reservoir began to leak. I found a damaged o-ring. I checked a few of the local shops but could not find the correct size. I shot an e-mail to BH asking if I could get some o-rings or even the valve. They sent me a whole new reservoir, complete!




Most of the nylon gear shown here is Blackhawk. Omega vest, hydration carrier, dump pouch and web belt are all BH.

It's durable and has lasted years.


I say go ahead and get what you want. If it is Blackhawk gear, use it with confidence.

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I say go ahead and get what you want. If it is Blackhawk gear, use it with confidence.


At one time Blackhawk was quality...then it was sold...now it's cheap crap made in Vietnam among other places......and total junk serpa holsters that have been banned by FLETC among many others....FLETS where you have LEO's with well over 100 years of firearms knowledge/training saying it's crap...but hey, those who refuse to learn from others are what we call job security.... :ROFLLMAO: :ROFLLMAO:


Just cuz the military uses the cheapest holster they can get in bulk does not mean it's quality.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


I've got a 3 day pack that is from the original Blackhawk days before it was sold..and it needs repaired, but was told to pound sand by blackhawks piss poor customer service.....


But hey, use it with confidence you will end up in the emergency room...... :hysterical3: :hysterical3: :hysterical3: :hysterical3:

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FLETC?!? Here are a few comments from others concerning the FLETC.


"If you don’t train with your equipment, you will eventually fail to operate it properly. I understand the concerns involved with this particular holster, but for months I have used a serpa and several of my fellow handgun users have as well. We have yet to have a ND. I would put this in the same category with the grabbers blaming the equipment, not the user."



"Judging from how run of the mill law enforcement generally (mis)handles their firearms in spite of trigger safeties and heavy trigger pulls, perhaps this says more about the unwillingness of the public establishment to train their members in proper gun handling than anything negative about a gun accessory that does exactly what it is designed to do.

This statement will ruffle feathers, but I am of the opinion that law enforcement gun training policy is decidedly NOT the standard to set for anyone truly interested in being expert at handling a firearm.

Remember;these law enforcement recruits that the FLETC are so afraid will shoot themselves are the folks who will be responding to your defensive gun use crisis of tomorrow!"



"Most cops are NOT gun people and instructors know that. Most will never draw their handguns and most will only shoot the department-mandated qualification courses."

-Mr. Normal


"Since when does the serpa encourage finger curling? Keeping your finger flat and extended is not that difficult. If federal law enforcement can’t teach muscle memory maybe they need to find a new career field."



"I’ve used Serpa holsters for years. First in the Military then for my personal firearms. Not once during qualifications or general practice did my finger land on the trigger. I’ve used Serpa’s for 1911s, HK 45, XD (XDm), and M&P with no problems. I’m a bit puzzled to why there have been NDs with people using them."



"The issue is the SERPA isn’t a beginners holster. People without practice with them pick them up and then hit the release like you would press a button. This action can cause your finger to press straight into to the trigger guard. If you use it properly, your finger lays on the side of the holster and hits the release with the finger indexed like it would be on the frame of your pistol. That way when you draw, your trigger finger is on the frame of the pistol immediately, not poking into the trigger guard like you’re ready to fire."

-Ryan Finn


"Crawl, walk, run. There are still trades and activities where you shouldn’t try to go out of order. Anyone can buy a gun, ammo, holster, and learn how to use them from YouTube, but it doesn’t mean they’re “trained.”

Hook the trigger drawing from ANY holster and you’ll punch a hole in yourself."

-Mr. Normal


"The hatred for the SERPA system is more of a reflection on what a barely-trained civilian public can do with an Internet connection more so than it is a deserved excoriation of substandard kit.

There are tens of thousands of SERPAs out in the world being used every day and literally tens of situations where someone went all Grebner on their thigh meat – every one of those being caused through misuse of the system.

Guess what – some firearms products require training, diligence, and professional mindset. Hell, MOST of them do.

Unless you’ve worked as a range officer full-time or spent a major amount of time behind a gun counter (not in front of it), you’ll never truly see just how often Cooper’s Rules are rectally violated on a regular basis.

Let’s be clear – the SERPA’s main retention device is NOT intended to be “pushed” – it’s designed to release when your trigger finger is properly indexed to the firearm.

CAN you release the lock by poking your fingertip at it? Yep. Can you shoot yourself by screwing up with ANY holster? Yep.

…just like every “special” guy or gal at the range who picks up a gun and finger the trigger or grabs a phalanges full of bang switch at the gun store (usually pointing at the salesman’s crotch).

Schools are banning it because there is a HUGE group of shooters buying Tacticool gear they see on TV and thinking they know how it works with little or no training. Then, when they foul up or rush things, it instantly becomes the equipment’s fault."

-Mr. Normal


There are many more comments, but I've used too much space here already.


You say, "it's cheap crap made in Vietnam". How long have you used the BH SERPA holster? No? You heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy...

But... BH has, "piss poor customer service", because you wore out one backpack and they wouldn't fix it for you? :crying:

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