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Cleaning the barrel


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[throwing my .02$ in. I have used a "little" gun oil in duty gun, shotguns, rifles, etc. I also make sure to put a real light coat on all exposed surfaces. i would rather have to wipe some off, then to have to deal with stuck, rusted parts down the road, especially for guns I may not have shot for a few years. I think people cause problems w/ too much oil. i use just a light coat, I also run a dry patch through prior to shooting just to make sure excess is removed. All of the guns I have bought over the years look like new.

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I think the key is whatever you do moderation is the key. oil or just Cleaner don't use too much it can cause the barrel to get stopped up. Oil protects from rust and corrosion but it attracts dirt.


I'll leave a coat of Break Free in the barrel for storage and punch it out with a patch prior to shooting but by and large I just use regular cleaning solvents. I don't own any chromed barrels so I believe in some rust protection in between range sessions since some of my rifles are only shot every two year or so. I don't clean a firearm every so often just to be cleaning it. I might inspect it for issues as i rummage through the safe but I do not want to set there for four solid days cleaning rifles, shotguns and pistols just "because".


Just my thoughts and what I do works for me YMMV!! :nt:



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I have been shooting and cleaning for over 50 years now. When I get a gun back home I clean it, apply a light coat of oil to the bore( it's hard to put on a heavy coat using a patch) and store. When I am ready to shoot, I just shoot, no dry patch, and have never had any problem.

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as a side note, I've been oiling the bore on my 10/22 for as long as I've had it.

While I haven't had any issues.

I can say that if I oil after cleaning as opposed to no oil after cleaning when I clean after a range trip the previously oiled barrel

is noticeably dirtier.

May be that the oil holds more dirt in the bore, might be that the oil loosens more stuff up. Hard to tell.

When I clean, I clean to sterilization...lol


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