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M-16 coating, part 1


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I have all the pictures on my camera, that's the only reason I'm starting this thread.


Dan was contacted by a local LEO and asked to coat his duty M-16. I think for liability and insurance reasons it needs to be fired before AND after coating to make sure everything functioned correctly before and after the coating process.


Dan brought it over this evening to give it it's pre-coating test. I snapped some pics.


Genuine Colt M16A1 with a helmet that's going to get coated as well.










My camera isn't the best in the world but I tried to grab some brass in the air pics but they didn't turn out so well. The background doesn't aid in seeing them. Here's Dan firing a magazine.




And then I fired a magazine full as well.




Fun stuff. I know someone will make a sunglasses joke, that's fine. I didn't have my shooting glasses here at the house so I grabbed my polarized fishing glasses out of my tackle box on the way out the door just so I would have SOME type of eye protection.


I know he will take more pictures of it once it is fully coated and if his camera batteries aren't dead then will post them up later on.


Thanks Dan, for letting me help you test fire it. :D


ETA: the pics don't show it but there is a large gully just out of sight that we were firing into. There is plenty of back-stop.

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Relax princess, it isn't transferable and could only be demilled if not in the hands of the law.



Does not matter, it's taking a beautiful old lady and giving her the pelosi treatment.... :crying: :crying: :crying:

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So did the cops show up? lol


no but it thought it would have been funny. i also though about Stu being nervous so i'm glad they didnt.


they only show up around here when you bump fire semi's. when the real thing is ripping they must not want to show up. :smartass:



as for pelosi-ing the rifle...... nope this is his tac unit rifle and he wants me to use colors that will blend with his armor vest and fatigues. he was called in to that local shooting here and noticed out there that all of his unit was "camo-ed out" but he said the black rifles stuck out like sore thumbs. he also said that the guy they caught could have easily taken easy shots at other LEOs. i agree that this rifle should normally stay in original form, but when its still a duty weapon, do whatever necessary to gain an advantage!

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Whats wrong with painting a transferable M16? If I spent $15,000 on a gun, Id want it looking great.


I saw a guy at the range a while back with one, and the lower was just beat. Looked crappy like someone TRIED to refinish it and left a nice orange peel texture on it. Sure it ran fine, but still. Id have no problem having a transferable M16 coated if I knew it was gonna come out good.

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