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Elite Operator Series Packs - Now Available!

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Tactical Tailor introduces their new Elite Operator Series packs. These four new packs have been designed from the ground up combining new materials and features to give the user unsurpassed comfort and function. Best of all, these new packs come with a price tag that won't break the bank, as much as half the price of similar packs.


Extended Range Operator

The Extended Range Operator pack's large size and extensive list of features make it ideal for long missions or extended stays outdoors.


Modular Operator

The Modular Operator pack is comparable in size to a standard three day assault pack but with additional features that put it in a class of its own.


Urban Operator

The Urban Operator pack is our version of a standard day pack, but this pack is anything but standard. Built for comfort and durability, the pack will carry all your daily essentials.


Removable Operator

Designed as a 'quick attach assault pack', the Removable Operator pack is designed to attach to modular vests or larger packs, but also features hidden straps allowing to be used on its own.

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The ROP is excellent! A Must have on your MAV and X-Harness.



Just wish is was 2" taller.

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That urban operator pack might be just what I need. Been looking for a dual use pack that I can carry the laptop for daily use and use the same pack for hiking other times.

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