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Defensive Edge Handgun-1 Course MN Special Rate $50

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Sunday September 24 0800hrs-1700hrs


Cost: $50 Special Rate, Normally $150. This offer only applies to new students and not alumni of our handgun courses. Registration Link



The Defensive Edge staff will be offering our Handgun-1 Course at a special one time rate of $50 at our home base range in Princeton, Minnesota. We hear lots of people talk about that they would take a training course if it were affordable, well here is your one and only chance.


The Handgun-1 Course is designed for the novice shooter or remedial training for the more experienced shooter. The handgun is primarily a defensive weapon. Small and easy to conceal, it is often the first choice when selecting a firearm for defense. The handgun is the most difficult to master in comparison to the shotgun, carbine/rifle, or sub-machine gun. If you are going to be relying on a handgun for self-defense, then you better be able to use it properly. Our emphasis is to introduce the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety to the novice, and will teach the skills necessary to properly use the revolver and semi-automatic handgun in a self-defense situation.





The hands-on course will cover the following:

• Legal aspects of owning, transporting, and using a firearm for self-defense

• Tactics of self-defense

• Proper Stance

• Grip

• Draw Stoke/Presentation/Reholstering

• Sight Alignment/Sight Picture

• Trigger Press

• Reloading

• Malfunctions

• Firearms Safety Issues (range/home/on-off duty)

• Ballistic Issues

• Cleaning and maintenance




Student Equipment Needed:

• Handgun (revolver or semi-automatic)

• Two speed loaders or three magazines (to match your handgun)

• 300 Rounds of Ammunition (minimum)

• Holster with Thumb break (hip) “no shoulder rigs”

• Hearing and Eye Protection





Greg Sullivan "Sully"

Chief Instructor

SLR15 Rifles


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