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--Jim Northrup


It's 24 years old.

It's been used

a lot more than most.

It's louder than a 747.

It's multicolored and none

of the tires are brothers.

I'm the 7th or 8th owner

I know I'll be the last.

What's wrong with it?

Well, the other day

the steering wheel fell off.

The radio doesn't work

but the heater does.

The seats have seen more

asses than a proctologist.

I turn the key, it starts.

I push the brake, it stops.

What else is a car

supposed to do?

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:bellylaf: Seems like half the people I talk to that claim some native blood say they're Cherokee.

Lol, you're right. I remember when I was younger, 100 years or so ago, ALOT of people for some reason calmed they had "X" amount of Indian in them. The X wife was 1/8 indian, Cherokee I believe.

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