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wts 6.5 Grendel upper, accessories

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Have decided to consolidate my calibers and sell off a lot of excess stuff. Now that I've mortgaged my sould to buy a OBR .308, I have to say goodbye to my 6.5 - my loss, your gain.


What we have here is an EXTREMELY accurate 6.5 CSS (Competition Shooting Sports) Lothar Walther barrelled upper.


20" stainless bull barrel, .295" chamber, 7.62x39 matched bolt (preferrable as it is stronger than the AA bolt), YHM Phantom muzzle device, Clarks Custom fiber handguard (very lightweight), DPMS Hi-Rise upper, Badger Tactical charging latch/handle, MGI Adjustable Gas Tube, spare rifle length regular gas tube, low pro stainless gas block. I paid $800 for this setup 2 years ago.


I am asking $550 shipped for it and it comes with a special Chamber/Bore brush guide that fits into the upper and helps keep your bore brush/patch holder perfectly aligned for cleaning.



I have the following mags available:


1 30 round 762x39 mag - $10

4 NIW CP 10 rnd - $12 each

1 CP 10 rnd used - $10 each

2 AA 10 rnd used - $10 each

1 NIW CP 17 round - $12

2 CP 17 rnd used - $10 each


Redding D series dies - $50

Lapua 762x39 new – 200 - $100

IMI 762x39 Primed and resized – 351 - $120

IMI 762x39 once fired – fireformed – 235 - $50

Wolf PPU once fired 6.5 – 40 - $10

Hornady 14 rounds loaded, 6 once fired - $15


Email me (I don’t check IMs often) at erickelly1@verizon.net – not looking for trades, just cash.


In the interests of being honest, I will say that I have occasionally had some issues with this upper that I believe has to do with the .295” chamber – it is TIGHT – which may explain why it is so damn accurate – I am consistently getting 1/2MOA groups – I have had the occasional problem with chambering or hand-ejecting – it ejects spent cases no problem, but like I said it is a tight chamber and some ammo is finicky – the Wolf and AA loaded fine, and the Hornady did well. Some of my reloads (probably my fault) had some issues, but I never reloaded the actual Grendel brass – I only used the IMI 7.62x39 and so this may explain the issues since I was fireforming it. I am discounting the upper a decent amount due to this – I’m no expert at these things and I realize the Grendel is sometimes very sensitive to ham-fisted reloaders like me, so if you are a good reloader then you’ll probably have no issues at all. Total round count through it is about 300.





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