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One of the funniest posts about reloading I have read in a long time. Enjoy.


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I would have to say stage II. dedicated room, Looking to expand in spring to a 20x16 addition. The 12x10 im in now is to crowded.

About to move to stage III, my plinkers are taking to much time without a highspeed press. With my precision rounds I enjoy spending time building them.

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Got to Stage 3 in Hawaii.......without the casting stuff. My friend that I work for now has been to stage 5....fully automated Ammoload machines and casting equipment. Now he is at Stage 4 but no casting stuff....just 8 1050's, a Redding turret press and a big RCBS 'O' press...and TONS of dies! Oh...and a pharmy scale that goes to 2 decimal places! 4.82 gr of 231 and a 115 grain bullet in 9mm.....don't chase the scale! The old hands will know what that means.....

My scale goes to 3 places in grams, but I just want ya'll to know that, "I can quit anytime I want to"



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I used to be at a Stage 4, complete with casting. I sold it all off, it was literally getting to be too much of a PITA. I'm much more comfortable buying my ammo now.


Just wanted to know how you are handling the withdrawal symptoms? Mine haven't left yet, still pulling the press handle in my sleep..... :wink:

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