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fs or trade: ar15 (minus upper receiver)

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hey now. im letting go one more of my ar's. i only want to have one in my arsenal.


everything you need for this ar to work is included minus the upper receiver


heres what you get:

sabre 14.5" barrel 1:7 with pws comp (includes carbine gas tube)

rra chrome bolt

rra charging handle

yhm 2 piece gas block

arms #71 front & rear sights

hogue knurled free float tube

armalite lower

ergo ambi grip

rra entry stock

stag stock kit

stag lpk

4 preban 30 rd mags


like i said all you need is an upper receiver...



id like to get $675 shipped to your ffl


if you have any trades let me know, sxs or semi auto shotgun in 16g or 20g or an ak74. let me know what you got


oh and heres what she will look like when you add your upper receiver


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sold...meeting up with the squirrel (flyingsquirrel) and doing a ftf.

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idk whats going on anymore.


if anyone wants this let me know. ill do $640 shipped or $600 ftf but thats as low as im gonna go.


let me know whats up.

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ive gotten a lot of messages asking me about the price


i feel this price is fair, here is why:

its got a chrome bolt that has never been fired...its brand new.


its an armalite lower receiver. i had to pay more it. i did it on purpose for nostalgia reasons. afterall this is an ar (armalite rifle)


its got a chrome lined 1:7 barrel with a pws comp. it also provides flash hiding to a certain extent (its not classified as a flash hider by the atf) if you live in a ban state, thats a very big plus.


the charging handle is brand new


its got a 2 piece yhm gas block with a rail on the bottom and on top


arms 71 front and rear sights


everything minus the upper receiver is here



basically all you need is an upper receiver. and you got a new ar with premium parts for $750 ($640 shipped for my ar minus the upper receiver, then you gotta add your own upper receiver which goes for $110-$120 complete)


im also including 4 preban mags, they hold 30 rounds of ammunition and about 250-300 rounds of 556 ammo.


i think my price of 640 shipped is very fair.


if you pay $675 shipped ill send you the vice blocks for both upper and lower receiver and brownells combination wrench for the ar15.


i think the price is very fair.


if you want to trade ill trade for an ak47 plus $250.


an ar with quality parts and tools and ammo and preban mags for $675 is a great deal.

if you dont want the tools its $640 shipped

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