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Defensive Edge 5-Gun Event Oct-7

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The Annual Defensive Edge Alumni 5-Gun event is scheduled for October 7, 2006. The Defensive Edge 5-gun event will consist of the following disciplines: Autopistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Carbine, and Precision Rifle.

This range day will be held in all weather conditions, so be prepared.


We have developed what we believe is the perfect competition for all. It is not strictly based on speed of who compeletes it the fastest like some competitions. Rather based on quality marksmanship, sound tactics and techniques, and follow through. This makes everyone, whether how large or small, fast or slow, perfect physical shape or limited, everyone has just as much chance to win. Sully is known for being able to challenge all, as well as make the speed demons slow down and work.


This will not be a typical 3gun/5gun shoot. Rather it will be based on having the shooter challenge themselves, but do it tactically correct. It will be physical with some possible running, crawling, climbing, jumping etc. Misses of targets will be highly penalized, pushups and running might come to mind. Shooters will be required to reload tactically, often, and must do so from behind cover or concealment, failure to do so will cost a large time penalty. Hostage and innocent bystander target hits will automatically be a DQ. All shooting and uses of cover and concealment must be tactically sound or it will be penalized, again pushups and running come to mind. Again this is not based on competition, but for those Alumni that have a very open mind to be challenged and learn with some great practice time, as well as have fun (no bad attitudes allowed as the Rangemaster can DQ and remove anyone from the facilities as necessary). The Rangemasters word and decisions are final (no arguments).




Handguns (defensive carry type only) must be iron sited with no compensators or porting unless it is standard factory. Handguns must be holstered in a serious carry very-secure duty holster (no competition or FOBUS type holsters) a dropped handgun or one that falls out of a holster will be an automatic DQ. All holsters for the pistol discipline will be a concealment type and concealment garments are required. Magazines and speed loaders must be carried in secure carriers and not pockets.


Shotguns must be iron sited or have combat optics, and have a tactical sling, and must be manually loaded and not from speed loaders. Sidesaddles and extended magazine tubes are allowed and recommended.


Carbines must have a tactical sling as well (no steel core ammo). Iron sites are highly recommended (We do paint targets red, just for the optic shooters of course!!!).


Precision Rifle: anything will be allowed as long as it is safe. We highly suggest a quality scoped bolt action, but other weapon systems will be allowed. This will be based on accuracy, with a short amount of time to engage, with some stress thrown on top of it all. "Only hits count"


Tactical vests, web gear or police type duty gear, and clothing (boots included) is a must. As all mags and other equipment must be securely carried in webgear, duty gear or tactical vests.


This event is strictly for our Alumni. Alumni means that you must have successfully graduated from a Defensive Edge in the event that you wish to compete in.

This more defined means that if you wish to compete in:

*Carbine, then you have to be a carbine course alumnus,

*Precision Rifle, then you have to be a precision rifle course alumnus,

*Revolver, you must be a revolver course alumnus,

*Auto Pistol, you must be a Handgun-1 course alumnus,

*Shotgun, you must be a shotgun course alumnus.


If you are an alumnus in all 5 disciplines, then you are allowed to compete in all 5-events, thus you will be eligible for the overall 5-gun Grand Champion 2006 Grand Prize, SLR15 Rifle. In 2006 we are awarding a gun in each category as well. I will post more details as they present themselves.



All previous 5-Gun Champions (Death451 and QuinlanV) are expected and required to be there and compete in all events, as they owe everyone the honor and respect to spend the day shooting beside them. There is no excuse for previous 5-Gun Champions and Individual Discipline winners not to show and compete.


2006 Prizes:

*SLR15 Commander (for the 5-gun Overall Champion)

*SLR15 Carbine

*SLR15 Cutom Tactical 870 Wingmaster


*S&W .357 Revolver

*Savage110 Tactical .308



0700hrs-0745 Registration & Briefing

0800hrs Precision Rifle Discipline

0900hrs - Whenever (in this order)

Carbine Discipline

AutoPistol Discipline

Revolver Discipline

Shotgun Discipline


Registrations will be taken on-site.



Greg Sullivan "Sully"

Chief Instructor

SLR15 Rifles


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I will post more information this week. Here are the results:



92 mcnieslen

90 FedGunner

89 GlennR

88 Death451




92 Death451

86 Bulletcatchr

78 FedGunner

75 GlennR

74 Wormfood

70 MNnaloxone

66 mcnielsen / GoBlue

59 biga_mn

54 Walt




93 GlennR (Sudden Death tie breaker)

93 Bulletcatchr

92 FedGunner

90 Fast351 / Death451

88 mcnielsen

83 Wormfood

82 MNnaloxone

80 Walt

78 biga_mn

76 GoBlue




100 Death451

98 GlennR

93 Fast351

92 FedGunner

82 MNnaloxone

74 mcnielsen





97 GlennR (Sudden Death Tie Breaker)

97 Death451

97 MNnaloxone

96 Bulletcatchr

95 FedGunner / biga_mn

92 mcnielsen / GoBlue



Overall 5-Gun

467 Death451

452 GlennR

447 FedGunner

412 mcnielsen



Greg Sullivan "Sully"

Chief Instructor

SLR15 Rifles


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