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P16-40 Project is starting

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Sounds like you have a great build going there.


I've been looking for a 16-40 for awhile. Haven't been able to find a SA 16-40 yet.

Great to hear it worked so well for you. Maybe I'll have to have another poke around some gun stores and see if there are any good used 16-40s for sale.

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I am in the middle of a virtually identical conversion, also starting with a used stainless P16. I ordered a new "gunsmith fit" 10mm barrel from Storm Lake and am in the process of fitting it.


Meanwhile, where did you find these TripleK magazines for $18? And have you found and longer (higher capacity magazines) for the P16?

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I got mine from cheaper than dirt. It does not appear they stock this item any longer.


I did still find them on the triple-k website for $30. Not quite the deal they were from ctd, but I would still buy them knowing what I know about them.


I have not found any higher capacity mags, but I haven't looked. This is my CCW, not a plinking gun. Any practice I do with it I try to simulate what actual use would be like, and that for me would not involve extra capacity magazines.

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So I guess their Shot Show 10mm will never make it?


I've been in limbo a while but saw that youtube video and my interest is highly perked. My 10 year love affair with the G20 might be over if that comes out.


FAST FORWARD To 3:55 :thumb:


I want one so bad :oh yea:


Still might do a 16-40 conversion though if they aren't fast enough. I would probably two tone it through Robar with NP3 plus.

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I would probably two tone it through Robar with NP3 plus.


Great minds :thumb:




The P16 is the two tone in the back. The one in the front is a P12 that is in the process of conversion. It has an STI slide. Just waiting for the bull barrel at this point, as well as a custom reverse plug with a long flange to fill the gap between the slide and dust cover.

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I got a deal on the gun at $400. It did kind look like a sow's ear, but it was mechanically sound. And stainless is very forgiving since you can easily polish out most dings and nicks.


My gunsmith didn't have a 10mm reamer and was honest that he didn't want to invest in one for only one job. I ended up buying one for $75 shipped. It was another $25 to have the chamber reamed.


I also swapped out the plastic trigger and mag release for aluminum and stainless respectively. The gun came with an ambi thumb safety, and that was dropped for an Ed Brown extended thumb safety. Grip safety was upgraded to Ed Brown as well.


All told it was about $650 including $150 in tools (reamer and jig for fitting the grip safety). Also important to note the Cerakote tightened up the action a good bit. I have not shot if off a sand bag since, but I expect the groups to shrink from 2.5" at 25 yards to about 1.5" at the same. In both cases that is better than I shoot standing.


The gun runs very well, as long as ammo is kept to a COAL of 1.250" or less, 1.245" with some bullet styles. If it gets over that length then you start to get hang ups about 1/2 way into the chamber. It is just an angle issue, and the gunsmith warned me about it when I picked up the gun. I might be able to solve it with shorter magazine lips, but I haven't tried. All factory ammo is 1.245" that I have measured, so I just load to that length and call it good.

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I recently dropped off my P16.40 Limited, along with a Stormlake oversized gunsmith fit barrel, with Andy Horvath. Should have it back right after Christmas. :)


How did it turn out?

I finally found a P16-40 for conversion. I will probably go with a Storm Lake barrel (It's seems to be the best option I can find in Canada), and do the same parts upgrades as "sqlbullet" detailed earlier in this thread. (I will have a few questions for him as I start gathering the parts.)



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Glad you found a good candidate gun MAX_LT. Storm Lake makes a good barrel. In fact, I think they make barrels for quite a few different brands, although I don't have the list handy.


Just post your questions here when you have them, or send me a PM. I will be glad to offer what I can.

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The bull barrel will require no slide alterations. You would still be able to go back.


Hmm. That seems to contradict other things I've read online. Does that mean that Para uses Bull barrels?


I went on the EGW site and they offer three different types of firing pin stops. None are described as flat bottom. Which one did you go with?


Also, you never posted an "after" photo of your conversion, with the new coating etc. How did it turn out?



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