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P16-40 Project is starting

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Maybe I am mistaken. A slide made for a bull barrel lacks the grooves that the bushing fits into, but I am pretty sure the size of the hole is the same, and that the presence of the machining work to make the slide work with a bushing does not adversely affect a bull barrel. See this thread about 3/4 of the way down. They talk about some of the Springer guns with bull barrels using slides from the production line that are already milled for a bushing.


I believe they call it "oversize". You can order them from Brownells, which is where I have always purchased them.


As far as the "after" photo...




She is in back. The gun in the front is my P12/10mm build. At this point I am only waiting on the barrel, link and link pin. And a bunch of fitting.

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Oh, sorry. You did post that photo. I didn't realize that was the one converted. Looks great in two-tone.


And... about the firing pin stop... EGW has "Drop-In 45", "Series 70", and "Series 80" on their site, but no mention of being "Flat Bottomed". ??

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How did it turn out?

I finally found a P16-40 for conversion. I will probably go with a Storm Lake barrel (It's seems to be the best option I can find in Canada), and do the same parts upgrades as "sqlbullet" detailed earlier in this thread. (I will have a few questions for him as I start gathering the parts.)




I just picked it up today. Hope to shoot it in the next week and report the results.

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I just picked it up today. Hope to shoot it in the next week and report the results.


Great. Can't wait to hear/see the results. (Photos?)



So, I've ordered the barrel, through a Canadian company that imports StormLake. An EGW FPS and 22 & 24 lb recoil springs from Brownells.

..But, I can't seem to find a 25lb main spring, or anything close. Where did you get yours?

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Ha! I finally found a 25lb main spring on Brownells. I don't know if I wasn't looking in the right spot before or if they were out of stock.

Anyways, I also got a 23lb to have the option, and some new +10% mag springs. That means I have everything... finally... a year later.

Now I will just have to dump it all on my local Gunsmith's bench and say "Fix it!"

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