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Changes to Our Front Page


New features of the Armory software and location of old ones.

Let's start off by mentioning that the skin is virtually identical, but many of your old features are moved.

Start by clicking on our Ar15Armory Banner and go to the Index page. Here you will see the forums, sub-forums, birthdays, anniversaries, calender, Recent topics, users online and tutorials.

We used to have a tab called My Assistant, which is no longer there. Now, you go to the bottom of http://www.ar15armor...dex.php?act=idx this page. and you will see the links for Top Poster, Web Mail and Moderating Team. The View New Posts button is now the View New Content button at the top of that page. Right next to the new content is a tear drop, click that and it gives shortcuts to every subforum.
At the top left of the page  is your username. Click that, and it will give you a myriad of profile options, which we address later.

To the left of your name is the Notifications tab. This is used to see content such as your subscriptions, friends and email preferences.

One tab over to the left again is the Mailbox icon for your PM box, which is also another tutorial.
Next to your username is a row of tabs including Homepage, Members, Gallery, Calender, Tutorials, Patron Subscriptions, Contact Admins and Armory Links. Make sure when you visit the Patron, Members, Calendar, Gallery or Message area you switch back to the Forums tab before you press the New Content buttons or you will not get new content, only a blank notice.


The Search function is right underneath the New Content button, and it functions similarly to the old system, it just seems to be laid out better.

One of our nice new features is the ability to view member profile snapshots. If you see a member username on the homepage hover your
pointer over it and a window opens. This gives you important information on that user, including adding as a friend, reporting them to staff,
sending private messages and finding their posts.

If you are already a Patron member of the Armory, the right hand side of the board under the Recent Topics is the status of your membership, which is a helpful feature.

The Tutorials are not only there for board functions, but we have them for assembling ARs, reloading and a number of other activities.


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