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Midway Sniper Drag Bag review


Midway Sniper Drag Bag

I got my May flyer and they had the drag mags on sale from 90 bucks down to 54. Figured I would try one. Ordered it on Sunday night and it was here today in the am.

First off my expectations were high as the bag had alot of weight to it. Very heavily built. Its designed to hold two bolt rifles with a padded divider inside. I have two 700's with bulky HS stocks, Blackhawk scope covers with muzzle covers and lets face it both rifles will not fit.

Inside the bag, there is two snap tie downs to hold the rifle in place. Spot for 20 rounds of ammo as well. Has two long pockets on the side with tie downs that hold my spotting scope and tripod with ease. You could also put about 300 rounds of ammo in the dillon ammo boxes as well. In the rear is has a large pocket that fits my binoculars in the case too.

I was so impressed with this bag, that I ordered two more today for my other 700's.

I highly reccomend this bag if you need a good bag/pack.

Here are the picts.

Case is 50" long but just barely holds my 26" 700 heavy barrel with 3" break and long Hs stock.

Top part of the pocket holds paper gear. I have my Midot Master book, Mildot Master calculator and my Rifle Data Book



You could put a large spotting scope, binos, or just about what ever in here and secure it down.

Here with these two horizontal pockets you can put a tripod, bi-pods, scopes, spotters or like I did put Dillon Small Rifle ammo boxes. I was able to fit 11 boxes between both pockets for a total of 550 rounds of 223 ammo.



There is also a backpack attachment so you can carry other gear or just pack it all in the bag. This would freggin cool traveling to a deer stand in the dark or out of the field with a long treck. All the gear is heavy, but your back can hold it.


Here are the two spots for rifles. I suppose if you had just two bare scoped bolt guns with skinney stocks and what not it would fit, but with my bulky 700's, Blackhawk scope covers and stock packs, one is plenty.



Hope you enjoy the review.

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