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Magpul Gen III Self Leveling Follower


Magpul Gen III Self Leveling Follower

Magpul Gen III Self Leveling Follower

Christmas came a few days early from my loved one this year. I was lucky enough to receive enough new followers from Magpul to replace all my magazines green followers. The new followers are designed to fix the problem with the standard issue green followers which are notorious for being the cause behind many failure to feed issues. My initial impressions are very solid. Magpul's Self Leveling Followers hold true to Magpul's reputation of pushing the envelope to produce top shelf working rifle parts. All the gear I acquire is subjected to serious abuse in real world operations and training. Having that said, everything I have tested from Magpul has stood up to the abuse and continued to take more without fail. First impressions of the Gen III followers look like this product will be no different from the rest of their line. Alright so on to the evaluation:

Pictured above is the new Magpul followers (yellow) next to the standard issue green followers (green).

Here is the classic problem with the green followers. As you can see, the green followers will tilt from time to time, preventing the follower from traveling freely inside the magazine body. This is due to a design flaw with the green followers.

Magpul has designed a new plastic follower which includes an extended piece which travels down the body of the magazine preventing the follower from tilting.


Installation of the new followers is a breeze. Simply take your magazine, lightly pry up the bottom of your magazine baseplate via the hole. You can use almost any tool to do this. Pictured here is a small allen/hex key. In a pinch you can even use the tip of a cartridge from your ammo stock.

Next, slide the baseplate off and remove the spring from the magazine body.

Now take your green follower and remove from the magazine spring. Replace with new follower (this will only go on properly one way).

Reinstall the opposite of disassembly. Note: make sure to bend the baseplate back down gently to ensure the detents will retain the baseplate from sliding out of the body.

Fitment is better than the green followers. Now you can push down on the leading edge of your newly installed followers and see that you can not tilt them downward causing a feed failure. Hence the name Anti-Tilt followers. I currently have tested them on two brands of magazines. I have USGI mags from Okay Industries and a couple D&H mags which have black Teflon coating on them. On the initial evaluation, the Magpul followers worked flawlessly in the D&H Teflon coated mags. However, on the non-coated magazines, the followers would sometimes catch when I depressed them with my finger on the leading edge (the side which would point towards the front of your rifle when seated in the weapon). When trying to test if I could tilt the anti-tilt followers inside the Okay Industries mags, they would sometimes stick around 1 inch inside the magazine and not slide freely unless I dislodged them. The follower would sit level but it apparently wouldn't move due to the friction inside the magazine body.

When I tried to replicate this problem so I could take photos the following day, of course, no more problem. Since then I have had no problems inside either magazine. Everything stated above is a preliminary evaluation based solely on the installation and I will update this thread with further testing as it is conducted.

I am very impressed with the quality of the part. Installation is a breeze. The followers come in packages of three with a detailed instruction pamphlet. I will definitely be upgrading any other green follower clad magazines with these followers in the future and I would recommend them to anyone who asked. And for those of you who don't like yellow, Magpul produces these in two colors to soothe your tactical taste buds. They come in Yellow (pictured), and Foliage Green.

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