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Gear Sector GS 2P Weak Side


Attached the Gear Sector Approved Way

GS 2P Weak Side Attachment

The Gear Sector Way

Everyone knows I'm a Gear Sector user and that I have been one for a long time. I started out using an ASP before Gear Sector was known by that name. I was an original test and evaluation person on the SPRE prototype and I paid to do so. In this review I will show a GS 2P set up to be used "weak side" to similate a single point sling without the risk to the family jewels. I'll start out showing how to attach it the Gear Sector way.


Begin by running the adapter through the rear sling plate with the attachment point facing forward and the Ladder-Locs on top. The use of an SPRE is recommended unless you are using an M93 or UBR stock.


Here's a more close up picture of running it through the plate.


Now double the webbing back over itself and run it through both of the Ladder-Locs.


Double it back over once more, going over the first Ladder-Loc and then start to run the webbing through the remaining ladder lock. I use a small screw driver to help push the initial bit of webbing through the Ladder-Loc.


Pull the entire width of the webbing through as shown above.


Take up the slack left in the webbing.


Here it is completely tightened.


Repeat the process on the forward sling attachment as shown above.


Now click each buckle of the sling onto the adapters and you're ready to go.

It is recommended to cut excess material off the adapters once attached.

GS 2P Weak Side

In the other GS 2P review I showed the use of one as a "standard" or traditional sling. In this one I will show the advantages of using one set up to wear on the weak side.


Here it is in a firing position. Below shows a transition from carbine to pistol.









As you can see, it functions similarly to a single point sling without the worry a sling point brings. I showed a transition with a slight movement to the side for the transition. This isn't necessary, especially if you have it adjusted for a tight fit.

The AR in this review is an Addax Gas Piston GPU.

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