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Gear Sector GS 3P


Gear Sector GS 3P

Gear Sector GS 3P

I was surprised when Jason from Gear Sector called me and asked me to do testing and evaluation of Gear Sector's new GS 3P (Beta Test version). As always it seemed to arrive in about thirty six hours. I played with it trying to decide what carbine to test it on. I thought about using it on the Daly D-M4 and then my frankengun but I ended up attaching it to my go to gun, the sixteen inch Addax GPU. And that's a great home for it.

I'm sure you're wondering what is new about a sling, about this sling. Well as the nomenclature GS 3P suggests, it is a three point sling but more than that. It is also a single point sling... a three point sling that converts to a single point sling without removing even one part.

First, let's look at how the GS 3P attaches to a carbine. It also has enough webbing to fit on a rifle or shotgun.

When you remove it from the box it looks like this;


The two ends of the sling and two Tri-glides. Set the Tri-glides to the side for a moment and
lay your weapon with its right side on the floor, provided you are right handed.

You will need two sideways attachment points as seen on the Addax GPU above. A fixed front sling swivel or M4 side sling attachment will work.

Lay the sling with the Gear Sector logo facing the floor and insert the sling into the rear sling loop.

Continue until your sling gets to this point. It is important to have it arranged as above.


Pick up a Tri-glide and the loose end of the sling.

Double the sling over facing the rear of your weapon as seen above. Slide the sling through the bottom slot of the Tri-glide.

Take both ends of the sling. Insert the loose end of the sling up through the Loop-loc on the end with the logo.

Double it back over the Loop-loc and run the sling into the other slot of the Tri-glide.

Grasp the loose end and pull the logo all the way to the rear.

Take the second Tri-glide and slide the sling through both slots.

Insert the sling into the front sling loop and double it back through the second Tri-glide. Make sure to have a length close to the length between the sling loops on each end.
Double it back three times to be certain the GS 3P is secure.
Remove any excess webbing.

Zip the logo all the way to the front to run the GS 3P as a three point sling. firstkodakpics2318.jpg

Zip the logo all the way to the rear to run as a single point sling.

Like all Gear Sector slings the body of the GS 3P is made of one inch width tubular webbing which insures it will not dig in like many other one inch slings. The GS 3P is made in the USA.

Use of the GS 3P

Below I simulate the use of a Gear Sector GS 3P as an EOD technician might. The GS 3P is definitely not limited to EOD or medical personnel. Anyone wanting a more stable sling will like the GS 3P.

Kneeling to check a suspicious patch of ground.

Something has happened that caused me to change my focus to another possible threat.

A separate threat has been identified and is about to be engaged.

I have gotten to my feet, stepped away from the possible explosive device and I have begun to engage the target down range.

Something has necessitated a switch from the strong side to the weak side shoulder. I pull the logo all the way to the rear.

The weapon is lowered and is in the center of my chest preparing to switch from strong to support side.

I have switched hand positions to allow weak side use and the weapon is moving toward the support side.

The weapon is now on the weak side and I am engaging the threat again.

If you dont like the instability of a single point sling but appreciate the flexibility one provides, the GS 3P is probably the sling for you.

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