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How to built a target stand


This is just what it states in the title.

Anyway, it's a two piece wooden frame, out of 1x2" slats, that breaks down into two 4' pieces, bolts together with two 5/16 3" bolts with wingnuts, so it fits in the back of my little SUV, and fits perfectly into the steel base with two sharp prongs.

It's a lot sturdier than the first one I built, that's for sure.

I would show you guys pictures, but they would probably be pretty boring to look at.

Condition 1 - two halves bolted together ready for transport

Posted Image

Condition 2

Posted Image

Condition 3 - ready!

Posted Image

Posted Image

You can see some of the wood is old, already been shot up a little bit. I re-used the original base, just strengthened it with a new cross piece. It's about 8 feet tall and will hold two large pieces of cardboard for two targets, vertically.
The base is in my other car, which is gone right now, so I can't take a picture of it.

It's made of steel, has two rectangular openings for the wood feet to go in about 5 inches, and has two ten inch sharp spikes for inserting into the earth. Works great. I did not make it, some metalworking genius makes them for the club and sells them to us for $30 apiece. They last forever.

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