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Review: Strike Industries Charging Handle (ARCH)


Review the Strike Industries Charging Handle

Review the Strike Industries Charging Handle




This handle is 29.99 and comes in 3 Colors.  I went with traditional Black.  I Have never used a BCM or any other brand of charging handle than a standard GI type.  I could never justify spending the money.  So I saw this one and for a few bucks more than a standard I figured I would give it a try.

First impressions:  The finish is fantastic.  Very smooth and nice clean edges.  The Engraved nomenclature is sharp and very focused. 

As soon As I put it into the upper Receiver I could tell a difference.  It has a very very smooth action to it.  I didn't think I would notice that much but I was wrong.  The latch has a crisp smooth release to it.  Surprised that it was a big difference over what I normally use.  The ergonomics of it was an upgrade, with the cross hatch on both sides gives a nice secure grip.  Its very sturdy and seemingly has no flex/play.


My only negative so far is on Strike Industries website the FDE colored one doesn't look very FDE to me.  But I did choose Black.

I haven't had a chance to take it to the range, so I will update that later, but I have no doubt that this will be a great item.


I have found the charging handle to be great for the money and will probably buy more in the future.  I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Also shipping was Fast and Cheap.  3 days, through usps, I think it was 2.25 shipping.

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