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Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp Review


Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp Review

Recently got my hands on one of these KVP linear comps and have got around to doing a write up on it. 

As we all know comps can make a huge difference on the performance and feel of a rifle.  The bad thing is that while you normally get more control from one comp that same comp tends to either turn everyone around you deaf (like the PWS FSC556), turns all the blast back onto your face (Miculek) or if it has to be shot at night is absolutely blinding.  The other option being great at suppressing one of the other issues we talked about but always having trade off.

This is where the KVP comes in.  I was doing some searching around on Joeboboutfitters.com, saw these and started to do some checking on them.  I ended up finding out that the owner of the company lived just a few miles from me I had to get my hands on some.  The company is from Silver Lake, Kansas and their comps are completely made in the midwest.

The purpose of the Linear Comp is to control the muzzle in a manner that pushes the rifle straight back into the shoulder because of the shape and also the only opening being out on the ends.  The other advantage to this is that it gets rid of the large blast that makes your neighbor at the range or carbine class hate you.  It isn't a suppressor by any means but these things do a wonderful job pushing the sound down range and being nice to your shooting buddy.

The more we shoot these the better we like them.  While 5.56 recoil is not terrible in the first place, nobody is going to reject something that helps mitigate it.  These do an awesome job of that.  These were ran on 16 inch Knights, 16 in PredatAR, 12.5 inch Adams rifle, a 10.5 adams rifle, and a 16 inch Adams carbine and across the board the rifles were much smoother feeling in that there was more of a push into the body instead of an up and down recoil.  The absolute greatest thing was how far down range it put the noise from the recoil.  We threw these on the .22 LR rifles and did some shooting on a still Kansas summer day and ended up tossing the hear pro for a few rounds just to see.  People shoot the .22s like this all the time and they are not terribly noisy by any means butthe difference was definitely nice.

I am not usually a huge stickler on looks but the other options in linear comps are all very similar as they are just smooth tubes with maybe a logo and not much else.  These have a nice little fluting to them to give them a bit different look and also cut down on weight.

If you are in the market for a nice comp, without breaking the bank, these are certainly worth a try.


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